If you have any accommodation needs or require communication supports or alternate formats,
please contact Iris Biggar at
iris.biggar@ontario.ca or (437) 223-2316

Si vous avez besoin d’un aménagement particulier, de soutien à la communication ou de supports de substitution,
veuillez contacter Iris Biggar à
iris.biggar@ontario.ca ou au (437) 223-2316

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Annual Reports

Reports to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

ODWAC-MOECC Stratgey Workshop on Pb (Lead)

ODWAC: A Second Decade of Progress: Presentation to OWWA / OMWA / OWWEA Water Conference
Ontario's Water Conference & Trade Show, May 2016 - Jim Smith

Review of Heath Canada's Proposal for a more Stringent Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guideline for Lead: Presentation to Ontario's Water Conference & Trade Show, May 2017 - Jim Smith

Determining Minimum Treatment Requirements for Well-Based Municipal Systems: Presentation to OWWA / OMWA / OWWEA 2016 Water Conference by Monika Emelko (UWO) and Aziz Ahmed (MOECC)


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